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Signatures for The Future of Social Marketing

ID First Name Last Name Comments Name Organization
1 PhilipKotler   Philip Kotler Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
2 R CraigLefebvre   R Craig Lefebvre, PhD George Washington University & socialShift
3 BillSmith Proud to be a supporter of this long overdue organization.   AED
4 StevenChapman     Population Services International
5 EricYoung   Eric Young E.Y.E. | The Social Projects Studio
6 VishViswanath   K. Viswanath Harvard University
7 DougEvans Let the games begin! W. Douglas Evans The George Washington University
8 EdMaibach   Ed Maibach Center for Climate Change Communication
9 JohnStrand Glad this is finally underway. John Strand AED
10 lorienabroms   Lorien Abroms GWU
11 NancyLee     Social Marketing Services, Inc.
12 HeidiKeller   Heidi Keller Heidi Keller Consulting
13 DanaAlden   Dana Alden Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii
14 KarlHofmann     PSI
15 NedraWeinreich I'm behind this 100% and will do whatever I can to help make this happen! Nedra Weinreich Weinreich Communications
16 MichaelRothschild Thanks so much for getting us started. Let me know how I can help. Michael Rothschild The Wisconsin School of Business
17 StevenHoneyman   Steven Honeyman PSI
18 BradDavis Sounds like a great start. Can't wait to see what we can get done. Brad Davis  
19 RabiaMir      
20 ChrisForbes Great idea! :-) Chris Forbes Nonprofit Guerrilla Marketing
21 BrunoTakahashi Excellent! Bruno Takahashi SUNY ESF
22 HamiltonCarvalho      
23 VirginiaSublet I am very interested in joining this group and would love to work for its future development,implementation, and growth. Virginia Sublet NIOSH
24 ChristineGherst Looking forward to being part of this organization! Christine Gherst SCP (Strategic Communications & Planning)
25 SaraIsaac     SalterMitchell/Marketing for Change