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Signatures for The Future of Social Marketing

ID First Name Last Name Comments Name Organization
26 GeorgePerlov onward and upward! George Perlov  
27 JenniferWoody   Jennifer Woody NC Division of Public Health
28 KelliMcCormack Brown   Kelli McCormack Brown University of Florida
29 JamesLindenberger     University of South Florida Center for Social Marketing at the College of Public Health
30 LeaPounds   Lea Pounds Center for Biopreparedness Education/University of Nebraska Medical Center/Creighton University Medical Center
31 CarolMichaels   Carol Noel Michaels Valley Preferred
32 JodieSilverman     The Medical Foundation
33 DanielEckstein      
34 PattiKimmel   Patti Kimmel Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
35 Frank LFarmer   Fank L Farmer University of Arkansas
36 JimMintz Count me in. Jim Mintz Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing
37 AnyaKaravanov I'd love to help! Anya Karavanov Communicating For Social Change
38 Julie GoodingHasty   Julie Gooding Hasty, RHEd Women's Health Branch, NC Div.of Public Health
39 SarahGreene   Sarah Greene Group Health Cooperative
40 JimGrizzell   Jim Grizzell Health Education Partners
41 KimLaramy Let me know what I can do to help! Kim Laramy Ethos Marketing and Design
42 JenniferDooley      
43 AshleyEwing I support the development of a social marketing organization. Ashley Ewing NC Division of Public Health
44 SusanPettit-Riley   Susan Pettit-Riley Michigan State University College of Education, PROM/SE
45 StacyShelp   Stacy Shelp Self Employed
46 ThomasReizes   Tom New York State Department of Health
47 MichaelLevin   Michael Levin AED
48 TambraStevenson it's been a long time coming. Tambra Stevenson Creatve Cause
49 KayWhite Brilliant. Delighted to be able to support this. Kay White McCann Erickson Communications House, UK
50 PaulMcConaughy     Michigan Nutrition Network/MSUE