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Signatures for The Future of Social Marketing

ID First Name Last Name Comments Name Organization
76 LedviBeza   Ledvi Beza SalterMitchell, Inc.
77 ElaineArkin     Health Communications Consultant
78 RonneOstby YES!!! Ronne Ostby ONDCP
79 RebeccaReeve   Rebecca Reeve NC DHHS DPH
80 NeliaNadal   Nelia Nadal SAMHSA/CSAP
81 KarenSchoneman     The Medical Foundation
82 FrancoisLagarde   Francois Lagarde University of Montreal
83 TavanyaLockett   Tavanya Giles Lockett  
84 AprilReese It's about time! April Reese N.C. DHHS
85 SameerDeshpande      
86 JayKassirer     Cullbridge Marketing and Communications
87 ChristianeLellig Count me in for any possible help I could provide. Christiane Lellig Basler&Hofmann
88 CarolBryant   Florida Prevention Research Center University of South Florida
89 CynthiaBinoya   Cynthia Ellen Binoya II The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services
90 ZoeGadgil      
91 RosemaryThackeray   Rosemary Thackeray Brigham Young University
92 KarenMelnyk-Vutrano   Karen Melnyk-Vutrano  
93 AlexandraRampy I'm all about it and ready to help with my sleeves rolled up and hands willing in any capacity. Alexandra Rampy SocialButterfly
94 marciastepanek   Marcia Stepanek President, Contribute Media
95 SebastianSolari   Sebastian Solari  
96 RebeccaBrookes     Upstream Social Marketing. LLC
97 SandeepGhiya   Dr. Sandeep Ghiya DKT India
98 BrianBiroscak Incoming PhD student in public health/social marketing at University of South Florida who is very interested in being involved with this effort. Brian Biroscak University of South Florida
99 DavidKovacs      
100 MaxeneSpolidoro   Max Spolidoro Massachusetts Department of Public Health